Retractable or Fixed Window & Door Awnings

Retractable or Fixed Window & Door Awnings

Is the sun causing havoc with your furniture?

Is there too much sunlight coming in?

Retractable lateral arm awnings can reduce the amount of U.V. and sunlight entering, thus increasing the life of your furniture and carpets.

There is a large range of outdoor canvas available to fit in with your decor, from striped material to the standard full colours.

Retractable or Fixed Window & Door Awnings

If retractable awnings are not your choice, then why not consider fixed aluminum framed awnings for windows and doorways?

We offer full manufacture and installation, with either the outdoor canvas, striped colours, of which there is a full range, or the standard full colour being available.

In addition to canvas, there is a full colour range in lightweight PVC.

This PVC is ideal for the retail, manufacturing or service sectors to promote you business.