Covers: Commercial & Residential

Covers: Commercial & Residential

Do you need covers?

We offer a full range of covers from the heavy duty PVC to lightweight polypropylene.

Truck and trailer covers are made on site. Whether it be a roll over, or roll up, we cater for all.

Tarpaulin repairs are also available. If your cover is ripped or torn, it may be repairable. We have a full repair operation available from gluing patches to High Frequency welding.

Also available are hot mix covers both single and double.

All your farming needs are also covered from bin covers to milking shed covers.
You want it we can do it.

Covers: Commercial & Residential

Swimming pool covers from debris covers to insulated covers which will help retain the heat in your pool.

Debris covers protect your pool, stopping the majority of the dirt, rubbish and unwanted leaves and branches from entering your pool but still allowing water through the mesh.
Solar bubble is an effective and low cost heat retention cover.

Thermal Blanket covers float on the pool surface creating an insulated layer to keep the heat in the pool.