Clear PVC Blinds for Decks & Patios

Clear PVC Blinds for Decks & Patios

Do you want that extra room?

Wouldn't it be nice to have the option of sitting on your patio area when the wind is blowing and the rain pouring down?

Now you can enjoy that additional space throughout the year, regardless of season.

The latest systems are available from Hamilton Canvas, from gear box wind up systems, spring loaded retractable curtains or the traditional hand roll up type.

Why stop at clear PVC?

Shade mesh is also an option, enabling breathability along with the ability to still see in and out.

Clear PVC Blinds for Decks & Patios

For child care centres, how about the combination of clear plastic and PVC?

This type of setup enables the child to discern that there is a screen there thus not walking into it.

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